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Precious classic car stolen in 10 seconds…

car theft protection with tracking
Vigori tracking systems
  • car theft protection with tracking
  • Vigori tracking systems

According to the federal police of Belgium more than 10.000 cars have been stolen in Belgium in the year of 2015. However that modern cars have improved security systems, stealing cars from the street and carjacking are increasing in numbers, and especially with high-end cars. “In order to address this problem we offer a VIP-service for protection” , says Bram Michiels of Vigori Tracking that offers stand-alone tracking systems for vehicles, valuable assets and also people.


Vigori Tracking, a recently established company, based near the city of Ghent, Belgium offers these perfomant tracking systems for the commercial market. They offer a VIP-service combined with the market leading technology from Hiddentec that. This is a UK-based company which core business is to supply tracking systems that meet the golden standard for government, police and military agencies in over 40 countries since 1997. It's a renowned developer that has been supplying to renowned customers with tremendous success rate worldwide.

Gone in 10 seconds!

Classic cars increase in value, but their technology remains the same. That means that these vehicles are very easy to steal. Protect your precious car, safeguard your investment with the most modern technology that is being used by high-profile customers with the utmost satisfaction.

The main focus of Vigori Tracking is to provide top level security for valuable classic cars, but also modern luxury vehicles and all types of valuable assets. “Introducing military grade technology with close behind the scene support offers the best investment security”.

Better safe than sorry and protect your investment!

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